Membership Registration

Members of The Korea Academy Of Business Ethics are divided into individual members, organization members, and special members.

  • Individual members are those who are in charge of ethics management related courses at universities or research institutes, doctoral students who are involved in ethics management or practitioner who are responsible for ethics management.
  • Particularly in field of sociology, administration, psychology, and law, we encourage those who are in charge of the subject to join.
  • Organization members are libraries, corporations, or any types of organizations. Special members are for those who contributed to the development of our institution.
  • By joining and paying the fee, we will send you materials on academic research publications "the Korean Journal of Business Ethics" and conference proceedings, conference newsletters, invitations to various events sponsored by our institution.

Individual Members and Special Members

For individual members and special members, you can download the general membership application form, fill it out, send it to email ( and pay the fee to the designated account. If you are an existing member, you will be automatically renewed once you pay the annual fee. You can also join directly at the conference.

Organization Members

Organizations can join as large corporation members or small and medium enterprises members. And university institutions/research institutes can join as library members. After completing the application process, download the application form below and send it to e-mail( and pay the fee to the designated account. If you pay only the annual fee then it will be renewed automatically.

Permanent Member Registration

We recommend permanent membership. Permanent members will retain their membership for a lifetime by paying only one membership fee, and there is no need to pay an annual membership fee. Publications or research articles will be sent to you first and you will be invited for priority events such as overseas training events hosted by the Korea Academy of Business Ethics.

Membership Fee(KRW)

Membership Annual Fee Permanent fee
Individual 20,000 100,000
Large Corporation 300,000 300,000
Small and Medium Enterprise 500,000 500,000
Library 200,000

Organization Members Benefits

  • The Korea Academy Of Business Ethics is the only ethical management academic association in Korea. Being the member of our institution can convey the message that the company(or organization) is interested in ethical management activities.
  • We will provide latest academic materials related to ethics management published and discussed by our institutions.
  • We will offer free participation in academic conferences held twice a year and various policy seminars held intermittently.
  • We will provide participation in free or actual expenses for educational programs related to ethical management.
  • We will provide a chance for exchange opinions with ethics management stakeholder.
  • We will offer analysis service for the problems in ethical management of the company for free or low cost.

Account Information

Woori Bank 1005-801-065622
Account Holder : The Korea Academy Of Business Ethics