Message from the editor-in-chief

Greetings. I am Dongseop Lee, a professor of management at Korea University Business School. It is my great honor to serve as the editor-in-chief of Korean Journal of Business Ethics. Today’s organizational environments highlight the increasing importance of business ethics. Despite the generally accepted necessity for business ethics, however, research that can actually help promote ethical practices in organizations has not been up to our expectation. It is indeed the primary mission of Korean Journal of Business Ethics to disseminate meaningful knowledge created by in-depth research on business ethics, a phenomenon of comprehensive and complex nature. To serve this mission, we will make our best efforts in the following aspects, in particular.

First, following the efforts made by the former editorial teams, we will further expand the scope of research published by the journal. Given that ethical management issues cannot be limited to one or two certain functional areas, we will encourage research in all business-related areas, such as people management, accounting, finance, marketing, information management, production management, industrial relations, and any combinations among them. We will form and manage an editorial committee that consists of expert researchers from those diverse functional fields.

Second, by promoting the balance and integration between theory and practice, we will contribute to establishing ethical management and business practices in organizations. By encouraging and publishing a wide range of studies, from conceptual papers with meaningful practical implications to various types of empirical research including case studies, we aim to deepen the contents and broaden the scope of the journal,

Third, with systematic management of the entire process from manuscript submission to publication, we will shorten the time frame as much as possible. Also, we will see to it that the review process is an intellectual and constructive feedback process between authors and reviewers.

It is only the support and participation from you the members of Korea Academy of Business Ethics that will make it possible to enhance the quality and the reputation of Korean Journal of Business Ethics. We sincerely ask for your active cooperation as authors, readers, reviewers, and colleagues. Thank you.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Journal of Business EthicsDongseop Lee