Message from the editor-in-chief

Hello. I am the editor-in-chief of the board of the Korean Journal of Business Ethics, Young-jo Kim of Pukyong University. Nowadays Business ethics is emphasized not only in terms of normative aspects but also corporate competitiveness. Despite the basic perception of the importance of ethical management, research on ethical management in business academia is inferior and also there are constantly unethical incidents in our society. In this context, the role of the Korean Journal of Business Ethics can be defined as activating research on various topics related to business ethics and contributing to the establishment of ethical management practices in corporations. We will make the following efforts to make this role successful.

First of all, I will continue to do our best in expanding our outreach of the Korean Journal of Business Ethics. I will try my best to increase the quantity and improve the quality of papers. In addition, since the ethical management issues are related to all areas of management, I will expand the scope of academic journals so that research on diverse functional areas including personnel management, accounting, finance, marketing, information management, production management, and so on will be published. To this end, I will try to make the editorial committee be composed of researchers from various functional fields.

Second, I will contribute to establishing ethical management practices in corporates by promoting the balance and integration of theory and practice. In the case of theoretical papers, I will encourage to strengthen practical implications in the paper and publish case studies of companies with excellent ethical management. And we will make a case study papers for the companies that have been received the ethical management award. In addition, we will support the development and publication of educational case materials required for ethics management lectures.

Third, I will systematically manage the period from the submission of manuscripts to the publication. In order to do this, I will maintain the editorial regulations in accordance with the reality and manage the process carefully so that the review process will not be delayed.

In order to improve the quality of the Korean Journal of Business Ethics, we need support and participation from our members. I ask for your active cooperation. Thank you.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Journal of Business EthicsYoung-jo Kim of Pukyong University