Message from the president

Hello. I am Woo-sung Park who became the president of the Korea Academy of Business Ethics in 2019. First, I will give a greeting for the New Year. I hope to make a big progress and leap in our institution.

Although there are many organizations that are oriented toward ethics management in Korea, The Korean academy of business ethics is the only one that studies ethical management academically and publishes academic journals. Moreover, in recent years, ethics and social values have become very important in corporate management. So the role and responsibilities expected of us are seem to be great.

Thanks to the hard working of past presidents, it is a great honor that the institution is growing steadily. However, It is true that our institute is still lacking in capacity to meet the growing social expectations. In the future, we will make an active effort to strengthen the capacity and to enhance operation system of the institution.

First of all, I will expand the base of the institution. Until now, mainly the field of HRM and organization have been the center of our institution. As a result, it is true that there was a limit to expand the outline of ethical management and to strengthen the inner quarters. I will encourage that anyone who is interested in ethics can participate in academic contribution, whether he or she is from accounting, finance, marketing, or any other major.

And I will strengthen cooperation with institutions and organizations that have common goals and value with us. Ethical management can not be the exclusive property of any organization. Although there are many organizations whose main focus is different such as Integrity, Anti-Corruption, Transparency, CSR, Social Value, they are all trying to make corporate management transparent and ethical. Through organic cooperation with them, I will spread ethics management more widely in our society.

This goal is only possible if you give active involvement and cooperation. please look forward to it and support us. I wish you good health and success. Thank you.

The 13th President Woo Sung ParkThe Korea Academy Of Business Ethics