Message from the president

Hello. I am Ho-Young Lee assuming the presidency of the Korea Academy of Business Ethics in 2021. First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the former presidents, staffs, and members who have contributed to the progress of our academy.

Business ethics is an indispensable element not only in terms of normative dimension but also for the survival, growth, and competitiveness of a firm. In spite of the fact that business ethics is a necessary condition for sustainability, there are lots of unethical practices in our society. Under these circumstances, the mission of our academy is to facilitate the research focused on the business ethics related issues and, furthermore, to institutionalize the ethical management practices in our society. In order to accomplish this mission, I will lead the academy focusing on the following directions.

First, I will expand the base of the academy. Until now, our academy has been operated mainly by the researchers from the field of Organizational Behavior and HRM. I will encourage that anyone who is interested in ethical issues can participate in our academy, whether he/she is from accounting, finance, marketing, or any other discipline.

Second, I will strengthen cooperation with various institutions and organizations that have common goals and value with our academy. In addition, I will reinforce the cooperation with companies in order to diffuse the best practices of ethical management.

Third, I am going to make efforts to increase the impact of our journal, Korean Journal of Business Ethics, based on the vitalized activities of our academy.

Lastly, I will facilitate the communication and interaction among our members, and thus make our academy a fun and interesting place for all members.

The mission will be accomplished successfully when you show a strong interest and active engagement in our academy. I look forward eagerly to your cooperation and participation. Thank you very much.

The 15th President Ho-Young LeeThe Korea Academy Of Business Ethics